9 Tips For Getting Into A Top Business School

Getting into a top business school isn’t just a matter of having stellar undergraduate grades and top GMAT/GRE scores. You’ll also need to have great work experience, impressive recommendations, dazzling extracurriculars, compelling essays, a terrific interview, and professional aspirations that will impress the discerning admissions committee. And considering schools like HBS have a 12% acceptance rate, you’ll also need to be more impressive than 88% of your fellow applicants, the top MBA applicants in the world. 

Whew! Sounds overwhelming, right? Right now you may be thinking, “I have as good a chance at getting in as I do landing a spot on the Olympic bobsled team.”

But fear not. Luckily, there are tons of resources out there to help applicants get accepted into a top MBA program.

Here are nine tips from top MBA consultants, admissions staff, and a recent Stanford MBA admit on how to get into one of the best MBA programs.



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