The Afternoon Grind: Fundraising Options And Reducing Energy Bills

• Black women have long been primary bread winners. (Double X)

• How to get a date with a fireman. (Divine Caroline)

• Ways to become a cartoonist. (The Hairpin)

• Steps to crafting an amazing life. (HuffPost Women)

• Fundraising options for startups. (Women 2.0)

• Get this Reese Witherspoon insipired look. (Budget Babe)

• Ways to reduce your energy bill. (savvysugar)

• Ways to nicely handle a bad idea. (Daily Muse)

• Love songs that will change your life. (YourTango)

• Can online dating sites really find you a good match? (TheStir)

• What it’s like to be a billionaire for a day. (The Frisky)

• Find out why the longer, warmer days stir up feelings of restlessness. (YouBeauty)

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