4 Reasons You Should Think Of Your Job Hunt As A Campaign

Many people believe that the job hunt begins when its time to get down to business, make phone calls, send out resumes and apply to positions. But according to a recent blog post on the Harvard Business Review by Dorie Clark, a strategy consultant, successful candidates need to recognize that the the job hunt is an ongoing campaign and it started long before you consciously started it. The post applied this theory to different kinds of candidates—job seekers, political, etc.

Looking at the tips from a job seeker’s point of view, the post pointed out a few important things:

Your reputation precedes you. Most employers will check you out on the Internet before speaking to you. Make sure what they find is positive! In today’s digital world, your online presence matters more than ever.

If you’re invisible, you’re probably a fraud.  “In a world where too many job seekers fabricate parts of their resumes, the Internet can provide valuable third-party verification that you are who you say you are,” says Clark. In a recent blog post, I wrote about why employers use the LinkedIn test. You are much less likely to lie or exaggerate on a resume when you publish details of your professional life for everyone to see.

Also, it’s important to look at how you can get through your personal campaign for a job.

It’s important to monitor your online presence. Set up a Google alert on yourself and your current company. Also, if you’re job seeking—set up a Google alert on companies you are very interested in. This will come in handy when it’s time for an interview or to speak to some one at the company—you will be up on their news.

Make sure you control the dialogue about you. It’s likely there won’t be too much talk about you online if you’re a simple everyday job seeker. But it’s not a bad idea to start blogging to get your name out there in a positive way.

No matter if you’re happily employed or still a college student, it’s always important to keep the job hunt in mind. If you think of it as a campaign and not a hunt, you’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Read Clark’s entire post here.

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