Have You Ever Downplayed Your Success For A Guy?

The recent feature story in Time magazine is all about the gender-role reversal people have been getting worked up about since, well, the beginning of time. In her article “The Richer Sex,” author Liza Mundy predicts that the next generation of women will outearn their husbands. Women already hold the majority of managerial roles and college degrees, so closing the wage gap or even reversing it seems like the obvious next step. Mundy also asserts that, despite our society’s anxiety that women’s success comes at the expense of the male ego, men will have no trouble adapting to the change. In fact, to assume that men don’t find career-driven, high-earning women attractive or marriage material is to sell them short.

Mundy offers this advice to women: “Own up to your accomplishments, buy him a drink, and tell him what you really do.”

At first read, I found that piece of advice a no-brainer. Of course, I’m honest about my ambitions. Of course, I’d only want to be with someone who didn’t look at his self-worth as relative to my successes or failures. As one of those women in a managerial role with a college degree who has had relationships with men who didn’t have either of those things, I momentarily considered myself slightly ahead of the curve. That is until I was honest about some of my interactions with potential love interests. (And my recurring dream that Patti Stinger of Millionaire Matchmaker yells at me for having masculine energy.)

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