5 Ways To Calm Your Nerves Before A Job Interview

Let’s face it: job interviews are stressful. It’s nerve-wracking to be in such a high-pressure situation with someone you don’t even know! You may be afraid of making a mistake, but that’s normal. Luckily, CareerBliss has come up with a nifty 10 ways to calm pre-interview jitters.

“Anxiety and jitters come from not knowing what is going to happen — basically, fear of the unknown,” said Katherine Walker, Founder and Executive Director of Lifetime Behavioral Health, to CareerBliss.

Here are my top five quick fixes for those last few minutes before a big interview:

1. “Breathe slowly 10 times”

Deep breathing is a known stress reliever for nearly any rough situation. Walker says you need about 10 slow, deep breathes to calm your nerves. Breathe in through the nose and fill your longs, then breathe out through your mouth to release jitters.

2. “Release muscle tension”

Try a progressive muscle relaxation, says Walker. Tense your entire body and then relax each part one by one, starting with your toes and moving all the way to the top of your head. Your focus will be on relaxation, not your nerves.

3. “Visualize success”

This one’s my favorite — visualizing success in any challenge you face, even a job interview, can help you believe in yourself. If you don’t think you can get the job, you probably won’t. Visualize yourself blowing your interview out of the water and sitting at that desk as the new hire.  Confidence is key.

4. “Smile”

Smiling signals happiness to your body — even during times of stress. Calm yourself and simply smile to lift your spirits and ease your nerves. Even if you’re not really happy, a smile can help you feel like the next best thing.

5. “Avoid coffee”

Most of us rely on coffee to keep us awake during the day, myself included. But when it comes to pre-interview nerves, coffee is best avoided. A cup of java will actually make you jittery because of the caffeine. Instead, chew a piece of gum to help make you more alert (just remember to spit it out before your interview).

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