Afternoon Grind: Happy National Pet Day!

• Happy National Pet Day! And 20 reasons why it’s better to share your bed with your cat than with a man. (The Frisky)

• Is money more important to men? (HuffPost Women)

• Stay at home moms can learn a lot from working moms. (The Stir)

Steve Job‘s biographer might next write about Ada Lovelace, a 19th century woman who might go down in history as the world’s first computer programmer. (Women 2.0)

• 9 different ways to use vodka that will help you save money. (Savvy Sugar)

• Advice, lessons learned and horror stories from book tours and readings, an essential part of selling a book. (The Hairpin)

• Don’t get caught using these cliched office buzzwords. (Divine Caroline)

• Is your sex life like McDonald’s — full of empty calories? (YourTango

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