Classiest Man In America Responds To Firing With Thank-You Ad In Newspaper

As far as I was aware until today, there are exactly three ways to react to getting fired: Anger, sobbing, and angry sobbing. But basketball coach Bruce Weber has discovered a radical new approach: Total class. After being fired by the University of Illinois after his team failed to make the cut for the NCAA tournament for the third time in five years, Weber took out a huge ad in the local newspaper thanking the team and community for “a memorable nine years.” Geez, Bruce, way to make the rest of us look bad.

Weber’s ad included a giant “THANK YOU,” along with the logos of teams from Illinois and his current employer, Kansas State University. The ad reads, “Thanks to everyone in the Illini Nation for a memorable nine years. Go Illini! & Go Cats!”

As my friend and former coworker Amy Shearn writes over at Oprah’s Life Lift blog, this is basically the classiest way possible to respond to getting fired.

I also like that the ad serves as a subtle reminder that Weber has moved on to another great job. He manages to be thoroughly gracious to his former employer while also saying, “No big whoop, I coach for Kansas now.” It’s the big-time basketball coach equivalent of sending your former coworkers an email from your new work account, “just so you can update your contacts!” Working well is the best revenge.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports

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    • Diana Lee

      He coaches for Kansas State, not Kansas. Big, big difference! (referring to last paragraph)

      I still don’t get why he did it, but it was a nice gesture.

    • Matt

      This is nice, but Bruce Weber is a total clown and not classy. His predecessor at Illinois was current Univ of Kansas coach Bill Self. Upon taking the Illinois job, Weber held a mock funeral to “put to death” the memory of Bill Self. Now he’s cross-state rivals with Self. Can’t wait for KU to keep dominating K-State and this insufferable cornball, Bruce Weber.