TGIF: 8 Ways To End A Hard Week On A High Note

tgifSome weeks just don’t work out like you planned when you arrived to work on Monday morning, bright-eyed and coffee-breathed. We’ve all been there before, begging for Friday as if it offered you salvation from the horror your week has been. It doesn’t even have to be your job’s fault, but that doesn’t made it any easier to deal with.

This week, a woman ran a red light and t-boned my beautiful, relatively new car. After multiple conversations that had a lot of vocabulary I didn’t understand, like “sub-frame” and “axle tie rod,” I’m patiently waiting to find out if my pretty crossover will be totaled. Then there’s the inexplicable stomach pains my daughter has, which tests and x-rays have been unable to diagnose. Lump that on top of a couple sleepless nights due to her fears about spiders eating her toes, a new addition to my extended family that deserves plenty of cooing and adoration, and a pre-school field trip to chaperone, and you’ve created a hectic, stressful week that I cannot wait to end.

But sometimes, you need to do more than just get through your week. After all, you still have a job to do, no matter how intense or stressful your home life has become. With all those distractions, you need to be able to prove that you’re still making a contribution at your job.

Ignoring responsibility and job performance until you can start fresh next week seems like a good idea. And I know that it’s easier. But instead, why not try to finish on a strong note? Why not set yourself up so that you can catch up next week? After all, if you come into work next Monday with last week’s mess on your desk, it’s going to it difficult to start fresh.

Here’s a couple ways to end your rough week on a high note and make the most of your last couple hours in the office. I promise, none of these tips will involve sacrificing your weekend to the office.

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