Study Says Browsing Facebook May Actually Make You Better At Your Job

According to this infographic from  the corporate wellness site, a 10-minute Facebook break may make an employee better at their job. A recent Academy of Management study that found that employees who were allowed to use Facebook were more productive than co-workers who were not.

According to Business News Daily, for the study workers were divided into three groups: one that was allowed no breaks, one that was allowed to do anything but use the Internet, and one that was allowed 10 minutes to use the Internet and Facebook. The Facebook group was found to be 16% more productive than the group that was not allowed to use the Internet and nearly 40% more productive than the group that was allowed no breaks.

This isn’t the first time mindless web surfing or “cyberloafing” as it is called has been found to be good for work productivity. One of the researches,Vivien K.G Lim, of a study conducted in Singapore that found this to be true explained to the Wall Street Journal that when we’re just browsing online, we go only to the sites we enjoy, and the activity is a passive one. By contrast, we can’t control the personal emails we receive; maybe Mom’s email is a request to extend your next visit to a whole week, because she hasn’t been feeling well lately, and she knows you’re busy but she hasn’t heard from you in a while. Email is also “cognitively more demanding, relative to Web surfing, as you need to pay attention to what is said on the email,” Dr. Lim explained.

This awesome infographic also shows you why these web-surfing breaks make you an overall better employee.

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