Is Bethenny Frankel So Powerful She Trademarked Ponytails?

You know you are powerful when you can brand one of the most popular hairstyles of all time. Bethenny Frankel has teamed up with DryBar on the SkinnyGirl Cocktail Ponytail((inspired by the female logo on the bottle.) It’s pretty much just a fancy ponytail while you drink alcohol, but Bethenny has the power to sell it.

Every Drybar location is now offering the pony, paired with the  Skinnygirl Margarita and the White Cranberry Cosmo.”Skinnygirl cocktails and Drybar are a match made in heaven,” Frankel said in a statement. “Drybar is the perfect place for women to pamper themselves with a gorgeous blowout. Pair that with a Skinnygirl cocktail and you have glamour and fun in the same room — a definite recipe for success.”

Allie Webb, co-founder and owner of Drybar, said the ponytail is timeless and chic. “The Skinnygirl ponytail is set up higher on the head than your average ponytail. It’s sleek and has a slight curl at the end for added bounce. It’s sweet and sophisticated at the same time.” Seriously? This woman has figured out how to make money off a ponytail? I’m sorry. It’s not a ponytail. It’s a slightly higher ponytail with a curl at the end.

This woman is a branding genius. I mean that is just such a smart move. Her alcohol brand is already associated with health and beauty so this is just a great extension of that. In addition to her career as a best-selling writer she has branched out into skin, clothing and health products which means her $120 million lifestyle empire will just continue to grow. Plus, her Skinnygirl brand is the number one fastest growing spirits brand in the U.S.

And a drink with a blowout is a very nice way to end a long work day.


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