Equal Pay Day (And Ryan Gosling) Just Got A Lot Better With ‘Equal Pay Day Ryan Gosling’

We didn’t think it was possible for Ryan Gosling to get better but he actually just did. Our friends over at The Daily Muse created Equal Pay Day Ryan Gosling to help us celebrate this important but rather depressing day in style and hotness. And why shouldn’t the extremely hot and society conscious Ryan Gosling protest the fact that women only earn 77% for each dollar earned annually by men and 82% of each dollar earned weekly? And just because he looks great in a three-piece suit and has a penis, it doesn’t mean that  female real estate agents should make $728 a week compared to a man’s $1201 a week.

Women should take ‘Equal Pay Day Ryan Gosling’s’ words seriously.  And heck, if I had Ryan Gosling whispering encouraging bits in my ear, I’d probably ask for a raise everyday.

Read the full Daily Muse post here.

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