Katie Couric Says It’s OK To Use Your ‘Wiles’ To Help Your Career

Newswoman Katie Couric, arguably one of the most charming women ever, recently told the new PBS Makers series that she thinks it’s okay to use charm or rather your feminine wiles to help you in your career. Men have wiles too and they are also using them (hello Anderson Cooper.) Wiles are a universal recipe for success, according to Katie.

Katie talked about covering the Pentagon as a young reporter which was pretty rare for women at the time. But this is the woman who was able to charm America at 7am before they had had a cup of coffee so Generals and Admirals weren’t that much of a challenge for Katie. “I believe it’s okay to use your charm – male or female. They aren’t necessarily feminine wiles cause I think men have wiles too. I think a lot of it is if you’re interested and you want to learn and you’re personable and respectful, people respond to you,” said Katie. It’s all about treating other people well. That is how you have success, according to Katie.

And success Katie has had.Besides being the first woman to anchor the evening news solo (and get paid $15 million to do it) Katie is now getting ready to launch her daytime talk show on ABC.

You can watch the video here.

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