6 Work Wardrobe Essentials You Must Remember For Spring

It’s spring again! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, it’s actually warm. Heck, you are this close to going all Disney and breaking into song while you skip down the street. But one problem with spring is that we often get so excited to not have to be covered from head to toe for fear of frost bite that we start to forget we are still professional women that have to adhere to standards.

We talked to Barbara Pachter, speaker, coach and author of numerous business books, including The Power of Positive Confrontation and When the Little Things Count, to get the low down on do’s and dont’s for work fashion for spring. “Dressing provocatively in the workplace is the kind of mistake that can severely damage a woman’s credibility,” said Pachter. She adds, “The key for business women is to ask themselves these questions: What are they drawing attention to via their clothing? Are they promoting their ideas and their professionalism, or their sexuality?”

Pachter concludes by saying, “Women can still be feminine without flaunting their figures.” Here are six work wardrobe essentials you must remember for spring.

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    • Lydia Ramsey

      This is an excellent article that every professional woman needs to read.

    • erica

      this is an article that mixes the obvious (don’t let your undies show? Wow, revolutionary fashion advice.) And the slightly insulting (don’t reveal cleavage, it’s distracting to others. Wow, I had no idea my jugs were such a drag on productivity!) Look, I have a 34D and unless I’m wearing a crew neck T or a turtleneck, there is going to be some cleavage. Boobs are not hypnotic so if my co-workers can’t rip their eyes away from the twins they need to go to the bathroom and get it out of their system… so to speak.