Video: This Woman Resigned From Microsoft With A Song

When some of us imagine resigning from out jobs we think of maybe telling someone off, or writing a long letter criticizing the entire company and its morals or lack of them (a la Greg Smith) or maybe just flipping out like Jerry Maguire. But for some, leaving a company is a very pleasant experience. It is such a pleasant experience that they decide to capture it in eloquent song. That is exactly what Karen X. Chang did when she quit Microsoft after three years working on Excel Code. She did it to the tune of American Pie and it is actually quite sweet and very clever.

Plus, super informative! “My last day is the 24th, Please see me if you need anything before,” she sings. She also informs her colleagues that she is joining a startup in San Francisco because “Gotta listen to my heart it knows it’s time to shake up my status quo.” It is very sweet and really a very nice sendoff to give her coworkers and the company she served. If only we could all do this. This was brought to our attention by The Daily What. Watch the video below.

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