The Best Jobs For Mid-Life Career Changes

We spend years planning for our careers. From kindergarten on, we never stop asking what we’re going to be when we grow up. Professions identify us as individuals from a very early age. And anymore, the number of years spend in training and education for any given field can make it increasingly difficult to change direction once we’ve started on a career path.

With the growing student loan debt and high level of specialization needed in my fields, the ability to change jobs is getting more and more limited.

And yet, according to LiveScience, 56% of American workers are actively trying to change careers.

So what industries do all these professionals want to file into? Well, there are obvious limitations to anyone switching onto a new career path. The education level necessary can be a hindrance to some. The ability to earn a decent entry-level income is also important. Professionals don’t want to have to start over at the bottom or move too far away from their financial comfort zone.

This means that many of our career hoppers are looking for professions with a decent entry-level salary and limited educational requirements. Here are a couple of The Grindstone suggestions for careers that might lend themselves to mid-life newbies.

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