See How Work Email Has Killed The Concept Of Leisure Time

We all check our work email constantly but thanks to this infographic from Gyro and Forbes Insights, we can now see how it is really killing our leisure time. A recent survey of 543 business execs by ad agency Gyro found 98% of such workers check email during their “off” time. And then 63% say they check on their email at least every one or two hours when they’re out of the office. It doesn’t get any better on vacations. Only 3% of executives  say they don’t check work emails when taking time off.

But don’t feel so bad if you fit in with this infographic. According to Ron Ashkenas, author and managing partner of Schaffer Consulting, we need to accept the fact that the sharp demarcation between work and home is a thing of the past, and that the new normal is a life that integrates home and work more seamlessly. Instead of work-life balance he thinks we should all focus on work-life “integration.” But it’s still an interesting infographic.


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    • elizabeth

      I have run a company from home for 10 years. Best money and stress relief decision I have every made in my life! I have never been happier and when you work like a dog you know it’s all your you and your customers.