Lindsay Lohan Just Became The Most Insured Actress Ever

Lindsay Lohan has been making the headlines this week with her new role as iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, Liz and Dick. But the big news is that a producer is now claiming that Lindsay’s career comeback may be due to the fact that she “is the most insured actress that ever walked on a soundstage.”

Producer Larry Thompson revealed this news in an exclusive interview with E! News, “We’ve tried to anticipate a lot of things. We hope none of them happen.” Thompson says that Lohan’s contract included “three pages of what-ifs,” though he allowed that the production moved from Canada to Los Angeles. “We thought we’d maybe minimize some risk by shooting here in LA,” he said, adding candidly, “We have the illusion that maybe we can control the situation a bit better … Now if I learn to regret it, sitting here today I think it is still — for the movie— a great risk to run.”

According to WetPaint, an insurance claim on a star helps minimize the damage if she has to drop out of a film for, say, getting into a bar fight. “Hollywood is mainly about reducing risk, and that’s why insurance has grown so important. A completion bond on any film that has independent financing is a guarantee from someone that the film will get finished with its essential elements, which could include the star, and if it doesn’t get finished, then the financiers get all the money back,” Edward Jay Epstein told NPR in 2005.

Well that’s a positive endorsement considering it was just two years ago that another producer called the young actress “insurable.” Well, now that her career is on the comeback path, Lindsay is apparently insurable, it is just really expensive. However, Lindsay is not the first actor to come with a big insurance package. Robert Downey Jr., once had a remarkably high insurance rate because of his high-risk behavior. But last time I heard, studios are fighting over him so Lindsay isn’t in bad company.

But ironically it is Lindsay’s history of risky behavior (stealing, alcoholism, drugs, breaking parole) that helped her get the part of Elizabeth Taylor. Thompson said, ““That’s why we cast her … I think that’s an added value that she brings to our project.” And a little insurance never hurt anybody.

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