10 Intern Horror Stories That May Make You Reconsider Hiring One


We are finishing through the last days of April which means we are almost at May, the beginning of intern season. Though we often write about interns being abused by their employers (especially in the last year) whether it is unpaid work, sexual harassment or just embarrassing and degrading tasks, we wanted to focus on employer abuse this time. Gen Y may be smart but their sense of entitlement brings quite a different flare to the workplace. We talked to some people who had horrific experience with their interns. Yes, some are hilarious but most of them are just ridiculous and upsetting. Hopefully they serve as a warning for what you don’t want working in your office this summer. Here are 10 intern horror stories that may make you reconsider hiring one this year.

By the way, The Grindstone still needs summer interns! Please email meredith@thegrindstone if you’re interested. If any of those stories sound like something you would do, please don’t apply.

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    • j.fizz

      I’d just like to point out that in many of these cases, the employer is violating American labor laws. The internship site is not supposed to materially benefit from the presence of the intern–so having an intern answer calls or provide mail service is actually illegal. They are supposed to be learning about the industry, not doing entry level grunt work. Employers are actually supposed to pay someone at least minimum wage for those things.

    • Avodah

      Agreed. Many so-called internships are actually free temp work.

      Also, aren’t many readers of this blog in their 20′s? If so, let’s stop bashing them and instead offer helpful career tips and insights.

    • Dee

      This story should be called “Cheap, Greedy Pricks Surprised that Free Labor isn’t Good”

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