Now They Have A Tool That Shows You Your Extremely Unhealthy Work Addiction

What if you had a tool that showed you how unhealthy your addiction to working was? Most people think their utter lack of free time, flabby, pale body, lack of sleep, lack of friends and lack of a life would be a good indication, but now scientists have a new instrument that will help us know if we are addicted to work.

The tool, called The Bergen Work Addiction Scale, is based on core elements of addiction that are recognized as diagnostic criteria for several addictions. It was developed by researchers in Norway and the UK and used 12,135 Norwegian employees from 25 different industries.

The study found that some people seem to be driven to work excessively and compulsively. These people are labeled as work addicts — or workaholics (aka New Yorkers.) The research is saying that work addictions are a “global pandemic” and it is mostly due to the blurred boundaries between work and off time that are a result of advanced technology.

“A number of studies show that work addiction has been associated with insomnia, health problems, burnout and stress, as well as creating conflict between work and family life,” said University of Bergen’s Cecilie Schou Andreassen, Ph.D.Andreassen  in a statement. “By testing themselves with the scale, people can find out their degree of work addiction: non-addicted, mildly addicted or workaholic.” So the options are normal, normal or Bethenny Frankel.

But most of have known the U.S. is a culture of workaholics. This will help us separate the really intense from the only intense. But maybe with this tool, which comes in delightful quiz form, will help more people recognize the signs and try to change their behavior. Of course, as it is with any addiction, getting over it can be quite difficult. Another  new study found that the desire to work is actually harder to resist than cigarettes.

You can find the whole quiz here and find out what level of addiction you have.


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