Study Says 65% Of Bosses Say Dress Is The Deciding Factor Between Two Job Candidates

Make sure that pantsuit looks really good. According to a new infographic from Highest Paying Careers, 65% of bosses say that dress could be the deciding factor between two similar job candidates.

“That first impression on an interview counts so much, and you don’t want to be out of the race before the interview even begins,” said Sherry Maysonave, who runs Empowerment Enterprises, an Austin, Texas, image consulting firm in an interview with Forbes. “That [first impression] happens in less than 30 seconds and is based entirely upon your attire.”

You probably know the basics of how to dress for an interview (here are some good tips if you need them) but on this day you want to look extra sharp. You want to be memorable. Not Katniss in The Hunger Games memorable but make a statement. Lauren Solomon, a New York corporate image adviser, told Forbes, “For the interview, tone down but don’t hold back. Women should show an element of their personal style.”

Also, do your research. If you’re interviewing at a tiny startup, you may be a little dressy in a suit (though this probably won’t hurt you) so you could go a bit more casual. If it’s a huge corporation, you need to do the full on suit. “You really need to know what the company stands for, what the company’s dress policy is and how the current employees are presenting themselves,” said Solomon.

Check out the infographic below for more enlightening information on job interviews.

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