Can Bethenny Frankel Survive Daytime Television?

Bethenny Frankel’s new daytime talk show, Bethenny, will debut on June 11 at 11 a.m. after Wendy Williams, according to MediaBistro. The show, executive produced by Frankel and Ellen DeGeneres, will feature Frankel’s candid perspective on numerous topics, including pop culture, current events, and relationships. But in the cutthroat world of daytime television which includes competition like Katie Couric’s upcoming talk show, the ladies of The View, Anderson Cooper and the fourth hour of The Today Show, can Bethenny survive?

My prediction is yes! What doesn’t this woman touch that turns to gold? In addition to her career as a best-selling writer she has branched out into skin, clothing and health products which means her $120 million lifestyle empire will just continue to grow.

However, the journey to this talk show has been a little less smooth compared to Bethenny’s other business ventures. In November, after she had shot the pilot of the show, it didn’t get picked up. The pilot didn’t generate enough interest from local stations, and it was overshadowed when a slew of syndication projects from Katie CouricRicki LakeSteve Harvey, Survivor host Jeff Probst and Anderson Cooper that were all snapped up.

But then in January it was decided that the show would get a six-week run on Fox stations this summer. Hilary Estey McLoughlin, the president of Telepictures, which produces syndicated shows for Warner Brothers to distribute said of Frankel, “She’s had late-in-life success, which I think makes her a real role model for women.” Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution President Ken Werner told The Hollywood Reporter that Bethenny was picked to be a relatable “girlfriend” for the female market. He said, “A year ago we determined there was a need in the marketplace for a show that provided daytime women the opportunity to hang out with someone who understood their needs, desires and aspirations… a girlfriend.”

It is also that brash, honest “too aggressive” personality that is making this show work. Bethenny has built her brand on her candidness. She tells it like it is and people, especially women, respond. “I want to be on TV in a format where I can have a longer conversation with my fans rather than 140 characters on Twitter,” Frankel said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year.You can’t build an empire like she has without having a brand that people like. APA’s Brian Dow told Casserly, “Bethenny’s vision of who she is on- and off-camera is extremely consistent. It’s never changed,” he said. “Women, and especially moms identify with Bethenny very strongly because they are able to watch all of her ups and downs on camera—and that relationship is obviously very valuable.”

If the companies involved are pleased with how Bethenny’s talk show does, they could make it a regularly scheduled program in the fall of 2013. Plus she also has talk show genius Ellen Degeneres in her corner. They know they have discovered the next great talk show host and it’s Bethenny,” Huffington Post reported. “This is 100% on the fast track. Plus, with Ellen behind her this will be huge.”

As for her dream talk show guest, Bethenny says it is Martha Stewart. Bethenny started her television career on Martha Stewart Apprentice and has always looked up to her.


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