This May Be The Year For Pantsuits To Make A Comeback

PantsuitsAre pantsuits making a comeback? 2012 might just prove to be the year that the perennial businesswoman favorite becomes fashionable again. If these Hollywood starlets are any indicator, there’s a resurgence of the traditional power-woman garb.

The business pantsuit has a long and varied history for businesswomen. If you don’t know its dangers, sit down and have a nice long chat with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then get back to us. Even we at The Grindstone have been leery of this once-prevalent symbol of a serious corporate lady.

And yet, red carpets have been full of trendy, stylish and downright attractive pantsuits. Honestly! I have photographic proof.

Take a look through this gallery and then let us know if you’ll be pulling out your old interview suits for a little revamping. Or is this one fashion trend that businesswomen aren’t worried about bringing back?

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    • Anthrodiva

      Isn’t it just called….a suit?