8 Interns We Wouldn’t Want To Hire For This Summer

This week it was announced that Kendall and Kylie Jenner were named as West Coast fashion contributors for Teen Vogue. I’m not sure what made them qualify for this except that they wear pretty clothes and look like models. They aren’t exactly interns but close enough. Plus we wouldn’t them to be interns anyway. Here are some other notable young people (some real, some not) we think would be okay to not have running around our office all summer.

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    • Somnilee

      This is absolutely inane and pointless, can we get back to the decent articles please? I understand a bit of humour once in a while but this is nowhere near funny.

    • Peppercorn

      Yeah, I agree… and it’s kind of sucky of you to judge celebrity kids based on the way they act in their movies or photo shoots. For all you know, Chloe Moretz, Kiernan Shipka, or Elle Fanning could all be ingenious girls who would be outstanding interns. You know nothing about who they really are.
      I would be hesitant to hire any of the Jenner girls, though, if only for the mom factor…

    • Sebastian

      Such an incredibly dumb article based on judging people off their looks. This is offensive. Will no longer be reading this blog.

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    • Holly

      Snarking on celebs from the Grindstone? Not a post I was expecting in my morning feeds. Shouldn’t we express a little more solidarity with these actresses and celebrities? Many of them are developing businesswomen in their own right.

    • Nancy

      I thought it was pretty obvious that she was joking about everyone but the Jenners, and doesn’t actually believe all of those actresses are actually the parts they play. Seems like she did it to sort of point out how extra ridiculous it is to think the Jenner girls would be good interns.