Good News: Male CEOs Are Now ‘Used To Working With Women’

Good news ladies in finance and working women in general. You may have a better chance of getting promoted because male CEOs are now more used to working with women. According to Diane Ford, controller and vice president at Integrys Energy Group in Chicago, male CEOs now “are used to working with women during their careers, so they’re comfortable with bringing them in and perceive them as capable.”

Ford is one of Treasury and Risk’s 30 Outstanding Women in Finance. She  was the first woman hired at her company almost 37 years ago and started out “at the bottom of the barrel” in accounting. Though this sounds like men are finally getting used to the way women smell or the fact that they wear pointy shoes in the workplace instead of the fact they are just capable, driven and talented employees. Ford said she has definitely seen progress but, “It’s not that you have a lot of women clamoring to get up there—some take their career off to the side, they have family and other responsibilities,” says Ford, whose two children are now in their 20s. “You have find ways to make it work.”

The study also found that the number of men who believe there is a glass ceiling for women has doubled since 2010 (29% to 41%.) Well, that’s good. Did they think it was just an urban workplace legend women liked to talk about? Ninety percent of women say lucrative pay packages are more often offered to men, and 45% of men agree.

While there are nearly 70 million women in the workforce, according to the Catalyst Census, women held just 14.1% of Executive Officer positions in 2011, compared to 14.4% in 2010. Further, women held less than 10% (7.5%) of Executive Officer top-earner positions in 2011, while men accounted for 92.5% of top earners. In 2011, women held 16.1% of board seats, and about one in ten companies had no women serving on their boards.

“The percentage of women in executive positions at Fortune 500 companies has barely budged in the last few years,” says Treasury & Risk Editor-in-Chief-Donna Miskin. “Despite that discouraging reality; women executives in corporate finance continue to press forward, juggling work-life balances, multitasking to the hilt, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.”

But lists like these shows that there are inspiring women who will rise to the top, even if men aren’t used to them.

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      Another day at Grindstone, another ad hominem piece of agitprop aimed at telling women they are victims and need, well, Grindstone to help protect them.

      We have met the new paternalism, and she is us.