What Businesswomen Can Learn From Meghan McCain & Sandra Fluke

Meghan McCain and Sandra FlukeWhether you agree with her politics or not, Meghan McCain has an amazing point to make about working women and the need for us to support one another. She might have been referring to women politics but I think that ladies of the corporate world should take note as well!

At this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, McCain got the chance to talk with liberal lightning rob Sandra Fluke. Apparently, the two got along wonderfully and had a little lovefest on Twitter. Meghan shared a photo of the two, Sandra thanked her for the support and advice. These two strong ladies who probably disagree when it comes to plenty of political issues were able to appreciate and respect one another, no matter how their viewpoints differ.

Nice story, right?

Apparently not everyone thought so. Conservative commentators quickly began to demonize McCain and Fluke simply for having the audacity to be polite and friendly despite their differences. Michelle Malkin‘s watchdog site Twitchy posted comments along the lines of, “Are you watching the sister act btw Meghan McCain and Sandra Fluke? ‘We girls’ is a falsehood.”

Actually, random person from the internet, it doesn’t have to be. Women can stick together and support each other simply because we’re women. We can respect each other’s opinions even if we don’t agree on everything. And that’s wonderful.

McCain went on Al Sharpton‘s MSNBC program to discuss the controversy and had some rather unifying thoughts to bring to the conversation. “Can’t women disagree without becoming all these disparaging names,” she asked Sharpton. “We can disagree and still respect each other without calling each other these kinds of names.”

I think there’s a nice message for women in business is this simple demonstration of female unity. So often, the few females in a male-driven company are pitted against each other. We all realize that there are only so many places at the top for females, and too often women fight amongst themselves instead of demanding that more room be made. Too often, we see the women in our path as competition, instead of possible support.

Let’s face it, when I look at Meghan McCain and Michelle Malkin right now, one of them looks like a mature adult I would enjoy working with. One of them looks like a woman who would sell another lady out to prove her point. That reputation can haunt you in the business world. Who wants to work with someone who doesn’t encourage respect and decency from all sides?

Women can come together and support one another. It’s the best way for us all to earn our fair share and to be justly represented in boardrooms across the country.  And I have a feeling both McCain and Fluke will agree that increasing female representation in our largest businesses and more successful companies is a goal worth fighting for.

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