‘Daily Show’ Creator Lizz Winstead Is Annoyed Her Show Hasn’t Helped Its Female Stars As Much As Its Men

Lizz Winstead, the creator of The Daily Show, told New York Magazine that she was annoyed that the female talents from her show (Rachel Harris, Samantha Bee, Beth Littleford) didn’t have as big careers as their male costars (Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Stephen Colbert.) “A lot of women have been genius on that show and should’ve been launched into the stratosphere,” she said.

Though Winstead said these women all have very good careers, they are not on par with the male alumni from the show who all have million dollar paychecks (and then some.) Rachel Harris recently said in an interview that none of the female correspondents from the show had really broken through the stratosphere. Winstead said:

“I actually don’t know the answer to that. Because there’s been hilarious, hilarious women.

And you know, I wonder if this might all change now that people are finally understanding that women are funny with Bridesmaids. But now that you say that, I’m realizing that it’s true. I wish I had something more interesting to say, other than that now I’m kind of annoyed.”

The summer blockbuster Bridesmaids definitely has made an impact on the film and television industries in terms of the power of women in comedy. According to Hollywood Reporter writer David Friendly the Bridesmaids effect has resulted in all the major film studios asking “Where’s our Bridesmaids?!” Just to remind you the film opened with a record $26.2 million with an audience that was 67% female.

But it is interesting that a show as brilliant and popular as The Daily Show, and created by a woman, has not acted as a launching pad for ts female stars, but only its male stars. In the meantime though, Winstead has a book coming out called Lizz Free or Die, which shows how the Minneapolis native found her place as a feminist stand-up and political satirist in New York. Watch the very funny trailer for it here.

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