7 Business Meal Horror Stories That Will Kill Your Appetite

The business meal. It can make or break a career. Even if this isn’t an interview meal (which just seems so mean) a business meal with clients can be very high pressure. Etiquette, spillage, paying the check, ordering food that doesn’t require you to wear a bib when you eat it is all very important. We talked to some people who didn’t have the best experiences at a business meal. In fact, they were horrible. Here are 7 business meal horror stories.



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    • Lisa M

      Oh, man, interview meals. I didn’t even know that was a thing, and then I had an early morning interview and the interviewers were finishing up breakfast. Like, I knew that they were squeezing my interview in while they were in town, but they were like “Hey, want anything?” and I was like “Ummmmm I already ate, thanks.”

      Fortunately, after that, it wasn’t awkward. It helps that they were very good people who were easy to talk to.