‘New Girl’ Creator Elizabeth Meriwether Sleeps In Her Office More Than A Healthy Amount

Elizabeth Meriwether, creator of the hit show New Girl, lives in her office, she admits. She keeps a sleeping bag there that she uses more than is healthy. For Christmas her showrunners gave her a pajama supply and plenty of changes of clothing.

But Elizabeth isn’t alone in her sleeping habits. A CBS News survey from 2011 found that of all freshmen members of the U.S House of Representatives at least 21 of the 96 members are sleeping in their office – that’s 19 of the 87 new Republicans and two of the nine new Democrats. Marissa Mayer in her first few years at Google also did an all-nighter once a week.

Healthwise it’s probably not great to sleep in the office, though both Meriwether and Mayer probably had very nice offices (I can’t say the same for the freshmen members.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Meriwether has made her office a beautiful and comfy place. Her office is filled with gifts (a framed copy of her company’s Post-it note logo), goofy odds and ends (including a Justin Bieber toothbrush) and several boxes of Girl Scout cookies. Heck, girl scout cookies and a Bieber toothbrush? I’d sleep there.

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

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