10 Industries That Could Use A Public Relations Makeover

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. So it only makes sense that companies are taking advantage of this optimistic season and shedding last year’s negative baggage. And if today’s New York Times is any indicator, there’s about to be a whole lot of public relations work going on.

Two separate articles today looked at the brand new image-conscious strategies for a couple of the country’s most despised industries. Honestly, unless you work for them, your face probably cringes when you think about these corporate giants. Let’s check and see.

Lobbyists. Oh yea, we definitely sneered, didn’t we?

Financial giants. Did your fists just clench up there?

That’s right, Washington’s lobbyists are looking for ways to repair their image outside of the Beltway. They’re agreeing to more transparency in their work, attempting to regulate their industry and accepting more pro bono and charitable work. I’m not sure that this is enough to fix the damage they’ve done, but I always admire an attempt at looking good, even if it doesn’t actually mean they’ll be better behaved.

In a well-timed for a trend piece surprising coincidence, Goldman Sachs is also trying to spruce up their public image. They’ve even been granting interviews to the press. Lloyd C. Blankfein has been cozying up to the media in an attempt to promote his company’s loyalty and dedication to customer service. Obviously, this is partly in response to Greg Smith‘s disastrous Op-Ed, claiming that the financial giant doesn’t care about its clients. While this makeover is just for a single company, it’s hard to imagine that other financial service titans won’t hop on Goldman’s train of PR improvement. After all, the entire industry is still dealing with excessive hatred from the rest of the country.

All of these public relations attempts got me thinking, these aren’t the only two industries that could do with a little goodwill. Businesses in general are under more and more scrutiny. Plenty of industries could use a nice little PR wizard to zoom in and teach them how to ingratiate themselves to the general public.

Here are a few industries that I think are due for a little make-over. Do you agree with my selections? Who do you think I missed?

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