7 Markets The ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ Has Impacted In The Last Year

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for one year this month. Though Kate has been in the public eye since she and Will began dating, her exposure exploded once she got that ring. The media coverage of Kate’s every move led her to make tremendous impacts on different markets within the fashion industry and other industries as well. It has taken actresses and other fashion legends years to attain this kind of massive appeal but Kate did it in a year. Of course, she did have the internet on her side. “Copying celebrity style is something we’ve always done: the difference is that the internet gives you instant access to that must-have item,” said Karen Richards, principal retail consultant at Penna, which advises many prominent retailers in an interview with the Financial Times. “Before, you’d have to plan to go to the store to see if you could get that item. From an e-commerce perspective, it’s fabulous.” Let’s take a look at the markets the ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ has impacted tremendously.

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