Making A Comeback: Career Lessons From Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Woody AllenNo need for a double-take, those are pictures of Lindsay Lohan out to dinner with Woody Allen that you see circulating the web today. The odd pair had dinner together over the weekend and instantly gave a little credibility to the fallen actress’s comeback campaign.

It’s easy to make jokes about the walking, talking embodiment of a downward spiral. (Like really, intensely easy. Comedians everywhere should be paying that woman royalties.) But you also have to admire the way that Lohan can continue to dominate the media and continue to be a part of pop culture. That staying power is simply impressive.

And that’s why I would like to this opportunity to remind businesswomen everywhere of the lessons that Lindsay Lohan has taught us. Scoff if you’d like, but this woman’s dinner date made the top story on Yahoo’s homepage and has been covered by most major news organizations. All this after numerous “rock bottoms” and more than a couple arrests.

I’m not suggesting that you break the law to get ahead, but you could take a cue from a couple other Lilo business tips.

  • Know the power of a good endorsement. The world now assumes that Lindsay Lohan is going to get a coveted role in a Woody Allen film. Even if it never happens, executives in her industry just started taking her seriously. All it took was one well-known and respected figure to agree to have dinner with her, and suddenly she has a validity that months of good behavior couldn’t buy her.
  • Silence has strength. Lohan very rarely comments to the press on all the drama surrounding her. She doesn’t rush out to defend herself from every attack. She doesn’t respond to criticism or bother trying to sell herself in the press. That tight-lipped attitude has certainly helped the young actress during her private stuggles, but it also makes her career that much more mysterious. Instead of talking about every bump in the road, she continues to let her actions dominate the news cycle, which lets her stay a little above the drama.
  • It’s a process. We can act like Lohan was persona non grata in the entertainment industry after her multiple arrests, but that’s simply not true. Everyone wants to work with a fallen princess. The publicity is insane. The minute Lohan’s legal woes were behind her, she could’ve jumped out and signed her name to a handful of projects. She could’ve gone on a press tour of redemption. But she actually seems to be making a slow and steady path back to success for herself. She poked fun at herself on SNL. She signed on to a project that’s sure to get tons of press coverage. And now she’s meeting with respected directors, possibly about future projects. It’s a logical build up that might just bring her back into Hollywood’s good graces.
  • Look the part. Alright, call me a crazy, but I do not think it’s a coincidence that Lohan’s hair is a little closer to the auburn shade she had during the height of her career. Most of us associate that platinum blond mess with her seemingly strung-out sartorial phase. The red hair was famous when she was younger and still looked like a rising star. The new hair color definitely looks like a signal that she’s trying to return to her previous image.
(Photo: Just Jared)
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