The Top 5 Ways Employees Waste Their Time At Work

We all know we don’t spend every single minute of the day on work related projects. Sometimes we go on Facebook or read a celebrity blog but a lot of our time is wasted just trying to set up meetings. VoIP communications company Fonality conducted a survey to find out which mundane office tasks suck the most time out of the day. The biggest time waster is spent trying to contact people, find information and scheduling meetings. This takes up 36% of people’s time. Trying to contact colleagues and customers can take up as much as 74 minutes per day. Trying to find key information, duplicating communications, attempting to schedule meetings and unwanted communications are the other big time suckers at work. Look at the other ways people are wasting time at work.

Pinpointing and compiling all those wasted man hours could save companies a significant amount of money. The team at Rypple made an infographic to show all the ways you are losing precious productive time. Here is part of it below. You can see the whole thing here.





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