4 Silly Mistakes That Can Cost You the Job

Everyone makes mistakes. Shoot, we’re only human, right? From time to time, we might trip on our shoelaces or leave the freezer door open. It happens.

When you’re unemployed and the job market is competitive, there isn’t much room for silly mistakes, especially when one tiny flop could cost you the interview, the callback, or the job. Check out these four silly mistakes that can cost you the job:

You forgot to proofread.

I can state from experience that “pubic relations” will elude your spell check and make you the butt of a joke you won’t think is funny. Sure, that little red squiggle can get you out of a lot of jams, but nothing replaces the human eye. Read everything you write at least twice before sending to an employer or publishing online.

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You stressed out.

It happens to everyone. The overwhelming pressure to “not screw up” damages your confidence and trips you up anyway. Obviously, my telling you to have confidence isn’t going to get you anywhere. Figure out a stress relief technique that can help you relax before important meetings and interviews.

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You left your professionalism at the door.

Just because you can do 99% of your job search on the computer, in your pajamas, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look and seem professional! Look at what you present to employers, from your email address to your LinkedIn and other social networking sites photos. Even if you’re just sending in a resume, make sure that anything that can be found about you says, “I’m professional! Even when I’m off the clock, I know how to handle myself.”

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You didn’t use your resources effectively.

It’s amazing how much potential job seekers will ignore. From optimizing your resume to networking with your friends, job search opportunities are truly endless! If you find that you’re not getting the results you want, look at what you’re doing and see what else can be done. Sometimes, you really just need someone else to tell you what’s right in front of your nose.
Tony Morrison is the Vice President at Cachinko, a unique professional community where social networking and job opportunities come together. His roles include sales, marketing, and business development. He is passionate about building B2B and B2C client relationships and brings this passion to Cachinko where he focuses on helping job seekers to find their ideal job and employers to find, attract, and engage their next rock star candidates. Find him on Twitter and Talent Connection. And, connect with Cachinko on Facebook or Twitter

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    • Avodah

      I looked at Tony’s company. I think it could be a great idea. But, am I nuts for wanting my Facebook page to go nowhere near my job search?

      I don’t have anything too wild on my Facebook, but I like to keep my private life separate from my professional life.

      @ Tony- How do job-seekers overcome this?

    • Sonya

      One thing that many candidates neglect to do is to give the hiring manager’s EA or AA the respect they deserve. Ensure with your email correspondence that you are not only polite, but diligent with spelling their name correctly! It should be a given to also check your attitude at the door when you arrive for an interview. Admin. professionals run the office. They are either your enemy or your ally, don’t kid yourself. If you think she will not pass along bad traits about you, you are very mistaken. EA’s and AA’s often have degrees as well as you do, and down the line could be your equal or your superior. Use your head. I work for an FI in TO and trust me, a couple of individuals have lost an opportunity because of ignorance.