Video: Martha Stewart Gives The 2 Broke Girls Great Entrepreneurial Advice

Last night on the season finale of 2 Broke Girls, our favorite show about struggling entrepreneurs, Max and Caroline make an elevator pitch for their cupcake business to the one and only Martha Stewart….in a bathroom (watch the clip below). Though this was mostly done for comedic appeal, this was a great example of what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. Martha even told the girls, “When you’re in business for yourself you have to take every situation as a business opportunity,” she tells them after they admit it is inappropriate to be selling their product while at a party…and in a bathroom. But Martha is right.

The rest of the scene is pretty funny, complete with Martha telling the girls, who are trying to start a cupcake business, that their dessert would appeal to stoners. But to meet Martha Stewart, the queen of craft, would be amazing for anyone trying to start a business.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $712 million with her media empire that includes a television show, a magazine, books, housewares and a Sirius Satellite Radio channel. Her former Wall Street boss Andy Monness once said of Martha, “she had a hunger to get into something where she could control all the elements.” Though she was never a ‘broke girl’ (but she was in jail which gives her street cred), she did have to work to build her business.  After a career as a stock broker, Stewart started a catering business in her basement with friend Norma Collier. In 1977 she was contracted to develop a cookbook which became the New York Times best-seller Entertaining. This marked the official beginning of the Martha Stewart empire. She went on to write many more popular books, newspaper columns, magazine articles and other pieces on homemaking. She also became a known contributor on the television circuit with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Larry King Live. Then in 1987 Kmart came calling, then came the magazine and the TV show.

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