4 Small Employee Issues That Signify Serious Office Problems

Creating a comfortable and positive office culture is one of the most important parts of running a business. Hiring talented workers isn’t enough, you have to choose employees that fit into your business scheme, that work well with your managers and team leaders. A company that can come together and support each other has the extra edge that’s necessary to succeed in a competitive market.

Establishing that type of supportive community sets companies apart. And it’s not as simple as hiring “nice” employees.

While working for a previous employer, I got to help hire our new office administrator. We were a close-knit office with about a dozen employees who worked together every day. We knew that finding someone who fit our needs and personality was not going to be easy. In six months, we went through four different new hires. Some had a hard time with the computer system, some didn’t understand the chain of command. But more than anything, none of them meshed with the company culture.

Looking back, there were warning signs early on. In fact, I probably could’ve figured out in the first week whether or not the candidate would actually be a good fit. Even though the issues I saw seemed like minor problems that we could get over, they were indicative of bigger problems. They demonstrated the underlying issues that eventually led to their dismissal.

Talking about that experience with a former co-worker, we could pinpoint each issue and the exact moment that should have served as a warning. I thought I would outline them, so everyone could learn from our six month ordeal and search. If you sees these signs early on, cut your losses. They may seem minor to begin with, but they’re just the tip of a attitude iceberg.

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