4 Small Employee Issues That Signify Serious Office Problems

Poor Punctuality

It should be such a given. It’s a horrible indicator of a person’s responsibility. And yet, business people continue to look over it.

As the wonderful Jen Dziura has pointed out many times, being late isn’t cute. It’s not an adorable quirk of a pretty girl. It’s inappropriate and unprofessional. It shows that a person isn’t responsible.

Poor punctuality is often considered a stereotype of Millennials, who don’t value others time and can’t be bothered to go to bed on time when there are drinks to be had and parties to attend. It’s one of my least favorite generalizations.

No matter what your age is, no matter what sex you are, punctuality is important. It demonstrates that you care about what’s happening. It shows that you’re a mature grown-up who knows how to read a watch and get themselves to a meeting.

If an employee doesn’t value their company’s time enough to show up when they’re expected, they don’t value your time enough to be efficient or responsible. It’s as simple as that.

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