How Do You Cope With 100 Hour Work Weeks? 10 Stressed Employees Tell Us The Truth

Forget the 40-hour work week: for many working professionals, 80+ workweeks are not only common but expected and deeply entrenched into their companies’ culture. And, as anyone who’s ever run their own company or worked at a startup can tell you, it’s not just lawyers and investment bankers who are doing the hard time at the office. And it’s not just at the office: many working professionals leave their offices and go home – only to open their laptops at the dinner table and work into the wee hours of the night remotely.

So how do these overworked souls deal with  hours and hours of work? Ten overextended workers weigh in on their de-stressing mechanisms, from channeling their inner rock star to pole dancing in the office.

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    • ananda

      I would spend much more time on your website and affiliated websites if you changed your format: put the entirety of a written piece on ONE page. Slideshows for photos are bad enough, but for text as well? I would never click through 11 pages of anything for leisure purposes.

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    • Cindy

      Do you seriously believe this woman bikes to work dressed like that? Really?

    • Kyle Reese