How Do You Cope With 100 Hour Work Weeks? 10 Stressed Employees Tell Us The Truth

“To deal with stress our company does frequent corporate outings like fishing trips, rifle range experiences, Mets games, and Tuesday movie nights. These excursions get all of us out of our regular work environment and help everyone relax and socialize with each other in a different setting. We also try to go out to lunch once a week all together in the summer and have beer and wine.

Even working outside on a beautiful day from our laptops or by the window at Starbucks is a great change of environment and can really improve anyone’s attitude about a stressful situation. An occasional change in scenery is always good for stress relief.”

-Ian Aronovich

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    • ananda

      I would spend much more time on your website and affiliated websites if you changed your format: put the entirety of a written piece on ONE page. Slideshows for photos are bad enough, but for text as well? I would never click through 11 pages of anything for leisure purposes.

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    • Cindy

      Do you seriously believe this woman bikes to work dressed like that? Really?

    • Kyle Reese