‘I Haven’t Eaten Lunch Away From My Desk In 20 Years’: 8 True Stories

Sometime within the last few weeks, eating lunch away from one’s desk suddenly became the cool thing to do. Arianna Huffington challenged her staff at the Huffington Post to eat lunch away from the office. McDonald’s launched an ad campaign promoting the joys of leaving the office to eat, “free from the fear of crumbs in our keyboards.” A woman who lived in France for four years wrote a wildly popular article for Slate about why America should embrace the “long, leisurely lunch hour.” But optimistic ads and news stories about trendy offices ignore the fact that for many of us, eating lunch at our desks is a way of life. Here are eight stories from hard-working employees (and business owners!) who aren’t falling for the latest fad. Meet the military recruiter who’s getting sick of reheated leftovers, the woman who worked six days a week in order to avoid taking lunch breaks, and the guy who hasn’t eaten lunch away from his desk in 20 years.

Photo: Dmitry Melnikov / Shutterstock.com

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