Pinterest Resumes Could Become LinkedIn For Creatives

First there were paper resumes, then website resumes, and then LinkedIn resumes. And now it seems Pinterest resumes may be the next iteration in the ever-evolving resume format. Harvard Business School grad Jeanne Hwang made headlines when her Pinterest resume, Jeanne for Pinterest, nabbed her a job offer from Pintics, a Pinterest analytics site. Though Jeanne created the resume in hopes of scoring a job offer from Pinterest itself, the fact that a creative, dynamic Pinterest resume attracted enough attention to get Jeanne a job offer may be indicative that Pinterest could become LinkedIn for the creative class.

Unlike LinkedIn, Pinterest offers an obvious benefit to creative professionals: a visual medium in which to showcase their creative work as well as the finer points of their resume like schooling and work experience. For creative professionals, showing off their skills is often just as important to finding work as experience is, so Pinterest offers a platform which combines both. And because Pinterest boards are comprised of a series of pins, Pinterest resumes can rethink and reinvent accepted resume norms like linearity and conventional section breakdowns.

Pinterest resumes also have the potential to paint a much richer portrait of who a candidate is then a paper resume or a LinkedIn resume. For example, Jeanne included in her Pinteresume (see? I just gave it a name! now it’s really a thing) that she is the owner of a cute dog who loves coming to the office and that she’s fun to work with. And not only did she state that she completed the NYC triathlon, but she posted a picture of herself at the finish line.

Furthermore, Pinterest is a great way to showcase social media fluency. Jeanne pinned her Klout score to her Pinteresume as well as linking to her Tumblr, And you can easily link to Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, too.

Here are a few tips from digital marketing expert Christopher S. Penn on how to create a dynamic Pinterest resume:

  • Upload videos from Youtube. Video is a fantastic way to introduce yourself and you can stream it natively inside Pinterest.
  • Export full slides from PowerPoint or Keynote into images then pin them to your Pinteresume. The visual nature of Pinterest allows big, bold words to scale well into pins.
  • Include recommendations from LinkedIn. You can lay them out in Keynote or PowerPoint. This works for tweets too!

Picture: The Next Web

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