Poll: Do You Think The Power Suit Look For Work Is Over?

Earlier this week The Wall Street Journal declared that we are seeing the last days of the power suit look for women right now. Women don’t have to dress like men anymore in the workplace. Now they can wear patterns, and flowers and pink and peplum if they choose to. Christina Binkley of The Wall Street Journal wrote, “The matched crimson suit—once deemed essential for a female executive—reflected an era when women tried, often clumsily, to fit into male molds. There was also a militant element to that office apparel.” She wrote of her days at Procter & Gamble in the 1980s when she  was informed by a boss that only the “secretaries” wore dresses.

This shift marks a major fashion trend and workplace trend but want to know if you think the power suit look is really over? Dianna Baros, founder of TheBudgetBabe, told The Grindstone, “I have to agree, the power suit is largely dead. I used to advise readers to wear a suit for interviews but now I don’t, I tell them to show more creativity and personality while still maintaining a professional image.” What do you think will happen to the power suit?

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