10 Signs You Pulled An All Nighter At Work

You know those people on the subway at 6 am? Those ones with the bloodshot eyes and the crumpled suits and chests heaving from overdosing on Five-Hour Energy shots? Yup, they just pulled an all nighter at work. That’s right: while you’re heading to work, they’re heading home for a quick change and a lightning speed shower before heading back to the office. Or they’ve been on deadline all night and they’re going home for a day nap. They may have worked a night shift, slaved away on a last minute deadline, or they may just be an investment banker. Either way, these sleep-deprived citizens are pulling the reverse commute of the overworked: heading home while their working peers are pouring into their offices, coffee freshly brewed. Or they’re still at the office, pretending they aren’t still wearing yesterday’s underwear and have seen daylight in the last 24 hours.

There are several telltale signs that separate these night owls from their day-walking coworkers: garbage cans littered with empty red bull cans, 4 am texts that reek of desperation and exhaustion (“4:13 am: I’m thinking of burning down my office”), and midday power naps. Here are 10 ways to tell you pulled an all nighter at work:

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