Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Being A Diva, She’s Trying To Find The Right Co-Worker

Lindsay Lohan Finding A Richard BurtonListen, I’m not trying to delve into “Stars are just like us!” territory, but Lindsay Lohan‘s current workplace drama is surprisingly relatable. Radar is reporting that Lohan doesn’t like the production company’s choices for her leading man and that she’s asking them to widen their net. So far, she’s said no to Matthew Settle of Gossip Girl, British hunk Sean Maguire and Craig Robert Young from CSI.

So where’s that relatable part coming in? You’re saying that you wouldn’t turn down Sean Maguire? Fair point, who would?

Allow me a little creative license here, but haven’t you ever been excited about a big project only to find out that you’re working with a co-worker that you just don’t mesh with. You’re about to spend a hundred hours trying to do something amazing for your career and you just can’t seem to agree or see the other’s point of view?

A couple years ago, I was asked to revamp my company’s handbooks and training manuals for our sales teams. It might not seem like a big deal, but it made me in charge of setting up all the guidelines and rules for the team. It put me in charge of training new hires. It was a nice addition to my business resume, to say that I had created and implemented training materials and programs. I was pretty excited about the whole thing.

Then I found out that I had to work with one of our team leaders that I found intensely challenging and frustrating. I knew that he was a hard worker and dedicated to his job, but we just operated in very different ways. I looked at every detail, he had his eye on the end goal. I wanted multiple opinions and sources, he wanted to make decisions now and worry about enforcing them later. We had different styles. Honestly, putting the two of us together made the end result less than I wanted it to be.

Should I have spoken up and asked for a different partner on the project? Well, as Lohan is figuring out, that might come with some blowback as well. Sources are saying that,  ”Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton.” She’s getting dangerously close to diva territory by stepping in and asking for the perfect co-worker. But when a project is that important to your career, as this comeback movie is for the troubled actress, isn’t that the time to take charge of the situation? Isn’t that when you worry less about acting like a diva and more about generating a great performance?

Looking back at my own experience, I really wish that I would’ve stepped up and asked for additional co-workers to join the team. I wish that I would’ve been assertive enough to say that I couldn’t do my best work with someone who had a really different outlook than I did.

So, stars and their workplace drama… maybe they’re more like us than you’d think.

(Photo: Radar)

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    • tiff

      It’s not a huge project. It’s crappy made for TV movie and she’s going to get a co-star who is willing to work in a crappy made for TV movie. I don’t buy that this is anything but diva behavior since she is rejecting actors out of hand without reading with them which is really the only way to tell if they would be a good fit. She wants a big name and she’s not going to get one.