Why Veterans Are Becoming An Important Part Of The Tech Industry

Vets tech industryFirst of all, Happy Memorial Day! Lots of us look at this long weekend as the start to summer, a chance to fire up the grill and slip into a bathing suit. But the last Monday in May is not just an excuse for everyone to have a three-day weekend. It’s also a chance to honor those who serve our country and the sacrifices made by all of those Americans in the Armed Forces.

So today seems like the perfect time to pull out an infographic showing just why the tech industry is the perfect fit for many veterans returning from service. The sad truth is that some companies shy away from hiring veterans, especially if they’re still members of the Reserve or National Guard, because they don’t want to deal with the scheduling issues. It’s a horrible practice and it’s one that many in the Obama administration are trying to help fix.

But the government’s support won’t be enough. Companies need to realize the skills that are brought to the table by veterans. That’s why it’s so nice to see an infographic like this that shows just why vets are a perfect fit for the growing tech industry. We should all be encouraging our companies to support the troops and to hire veterans. Today is a good day to remember what we owe to these brave men and women, and it’s a good day to consider why hiring a veteran might help your company and help someone who fought for our country.

With companies like Microsoft, Google and Verizon realizing the value of veterans and hiring former-service members as employees, it’s easy to see how vets will soon become an important part of the tech industry as a whole. After all, these men and women received training that most college graduates can only dream of.

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