Kate Middleton’s Stripper Cousin Is Trying To Get In On ‘The Kate Effect.’

Katrina Darling

Why should Kate Middleton get to have all the fun? Katrina Darling, a distant cousin of Kate’s, is trying to capitalize on the fame of her royal cousin. Last year Katrina was discovered to be a burlesque dancer in addition to her job as a portfolios analyst at Barclays and with her royal connections she became quite a sight to see. So now, in order to capitalize on this small connection to the ‘Kate Middleton Effect’, she has decided to quit the sensible banking job and pursue the dancing career full time. But don’t worry, she also has a reality show and a clothing line in development as well, according to The New York Post.

You can’t really blame a girl for trying I suppose but this is just so blatantly obvious. Pippa Middleton was accused of using her sister’s status to help promote her party planning career back in the fall. A source reveals that the Queen actually “scolded” Kate about Pippa’s book deal and that she needs to get her family “under control.” The Queen believes the monarch is about donating time to charity and giving back, not exploiting newfound fame. So they believe Pippa is trying to benefit from the fact that she is now an international celebrity. However, unlike the Kardashians or Katrina, who covet fame, Pippa is famous simply because she is the sister of the woman who married the future King of England, and is very attractive. But to be mad at Pippa and say she is exploiting the Royal family and what it stands for by writing a book about party planning seems a bit extreme. She is trying to make the best out of her situation and if it helps her launch a writing career then good for her.

Hillary Reinsberg of TheJaneDough.com wrote of the situation, “Pippa, as you may recall, is not married to a Prince. Instead, she’s the daughter of working parents, who’s writing a book about the industry she grew up around. At the end of the day, she may be exploiting her fame, but who isn’t? She’s making money and creating a business.”

However, Katrina is a bit of a different story. She is a distant relative of Kate’s and she only found out she was related to Kate after the wedding. How convenient One of the main reasons, not the only, people came to see her show is because of her Kate connection. That is the main reason for her celebrity status. There are probably actually plenty of bankers turned strippers or part-time strippers (well, not plenty but enough to fill one house on a reality show) but none of them can say they are related to an actual princess.

The ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ has helped fashion, party planning, hair, hats, the tourism industry in England, the royal family, pantyhose, brunettes, brunette sisters, jogging, whatever breed of dog Kate and Will have, being British in general and the pursuit of being a princess in general so why shouldn’t it touch the reality TV industry as well.

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