• Wed, May 30 2012

Under New Management: 7 Bosses Tell Us How To Handle The Transition

In the wide range of awkward office situations, meeting a new boss after your recent one was let go might rank right up there with the day after a wild holiday party. Everyone is averting eye contact, trying to get the lay of the land before they speak up or stand out. There are a million rumors about what might or might not have happened before lunch time even rolls around. New management is a tense and potentially tricky part of office life.

So we decided to reach out to some managers and career consultants to find out the best ways to thrive after your company undergoes a shake-up. We wanted to know how soon you should work to ingratiate yourself to the new boss, whether or not it’s appropriate to contact your previous supervisor and just how an employee can get ahead during the reorganization of new management.

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  • Rachel

    Lindsay, you have the mot perfect timing, or telepathy … My manager’s last day was Friday … Still waiting to hear about her replacement. Just when I needed this advice!