9 Ways To Not Look Like A Total Jerk When You Forget Someone’s Name


We all have that horrible moment when we realize we know someone but cannot remember their name for the life of us. And what is worse is when they remember our names. On top of that, this is a business situation and not a keg party so this actually reflects badly on you. “Difficulty remembering names is a great weakness to have. Eventually, in an interview, a candidate will be asked about their weaknesses. The ability to show how one deals with their weaknesses is a positive,” said Bruce A. Hurwitz, President and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd.

To be fair, it is really hard to remember someone’s name. We all have a lot going on and are processing information all day so sometimes a name seems trivial. And it’s not like most of us mean to forget someone’s name. A friend and I were discussing the other day that we don’t take the time after someone says their name to keep it in our heads because we are so busy thinking of the next fabulous thing to say. Really, we are actually being super generous and nice and not being a**holes that forget people’s names. But I digress. When you find yourself in an important situation where you can’t remember someone’s names there are a few ways you can try to cover yourself so you don’t look like a complete idiot.

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