6 Ways To Use LinkedIn To Help Your Small Business

LinkedIn Groups have been referred to as the most powerful aspect of LinkedIn. Creating a focus group showcases YOU as a thought leader. Marketing your business with LinkedIn Groups provides endless opportunities to place your business in front of qualified decision makers. By answering questions and offering insight, you can generate new business simply by offering knowledge. The group revolves around your topic and generates conversation on a subject you know the most about.

The following tips for marketing your business with LinkedIn Groups are simple and easy to implement.

Be helpful. Make sure that the group you create is on a topic that fills a need. Name it appropriately so it is easy to find in LinkedIn’s search engine.

Create community. People enjoy interacting with others who share their interests. Your group should connect like minded individuals.

Provide value. If your group topic is valuable to the members and is focused on a topic that highlights your business, your leads and prospects will be ‘warmer’ and receptive to your communication.

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