Good Thing Anna Wintour Doesn’t Want To Be Ambassador Because She Could Hurt Obama’s Campaign

Last week there were rumors that Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour was being considered for the US ambassadorship in London if the post becomes vacant later this year by Louis Sussman. But today a source close to Anna told The New York Times she has absolutely no desire to be ambassador. That’s great if Anna doesn’t want to take on this large job, but it is probably better in the long run for Obama’s campaign, as the President is already taking  a lot of flack for his celebrity-filled, glamorous supporters. Obama’s major donors look like the cast of a Stephen Soderbergh-ensemble film so giving a political post to a woman whose name is synonomous with glamour may not be the best move.

According to The New York Times:

“Inside the White House, the glamour factor has been the source of much strain and complication, weighing on decisions as seemingly inconsequential as choosing an interior designer to redecorate the private residence and picking the right pair of sneakers for Mrs. Obama to wear to a food bank. The Obamas tried to be exceedingly cautious out of a fear that they would be punished, particular in the conservative media, for being too chic, too out of touch.”

Obama’s team predicted the major backlash that could come as a result of a Wintour-filled political post, according to The Times. To promote a a fundraising dinner for Obama held last week (which raised $2 million), Anna and Sarah Jessica Parker teamed up (talk about a glamorous pair.) A video was released featuring Anna sitting in her gorgeous townhouse talking about supporting Obama. The video itself was fine but the fact that it was released the same day as a pitiful jobs report wasn’t great. The wonderful Rush Limbaugh mocked him as “Barack Hussein Kardashian.”

But at the same time Anna has done a lot of work for The Obamas and politics in general. Last November it was revealed that she is one of the biggest fund-raisers for the Obama Administration and has collected more than $500,000. According to The New York Times, she donated to Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004 and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s senatorial efforts. She has put money and time into helping state legislators in New York who voted to legalize same-sex marriage. And in the 1990s she was instrumental in mobilizing the fashion industry’s campaign to fight AIDS. Not to mention the large amount of coverage Vogue has given the Obamas, contributing to Michelle Obama’s status as a fashion icon.

However, it sounds like she doesn’t want the job anyway and I imagine Vogue gives her quite a bit to do.

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    • Lastango

      Paying off glamourhustler Wintour at taxpayer expense would make things worse, but the cat may be out of the bag on the Obama’s tone-deaf swaggering. Skiing in Aspen, Christmas in Hawaii, summer on Martha’s Vineyard (the playground of the elite) and the holiday in Spain — a total of 16 vacations in three years, plus all those rounds of golf… even liberals are starting to wonder how this is going to play on election day for a president who just announced that the private sector is “doing fine” — though the Federal Reserve has revealed that the net worth of the median US household declined from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010, a 39% drop that wiped out two decades of gains and dropped the wealth of the middle-American family back to 1992 levels.