3 Reasons Why It Is Better To Look For A Job In The Summer

Has the siren lure of summer convinced you to take a vacation from your job search? Most job seekers think the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a hiring black hole. You figure hiring managers and recruiters are on vacation anyway, so it’s probably time for you to pack in your search and hit the beach. Before you wade out into the surf, you might want to think twice about this strategy.

This year especially might be a bad time to give up the summer months to lay out in the sun. According to a CareerBuilder survey of 2,300 hiring managers, the summer job forecast is looking brighter. In fact three in ten employers, or 29 percent, said they planned on hiring summer workers. These numbers are up from the 21 percent who planned to take on summer help just last year.

Still packing your sunscreen? Sure, summer jobs are great but you’re looking for a permanent job. Leave the summer jobs to the recently graduated or the high school students, you might think. Not so fast! According to the survey 71 percent of employers said they would consider keeping summer employees on full time.

Here are some more reasons why the dog days of summer could be the best time for your job search:

Less Competition
Remember how you were convinced that job searching in the summer was a pointless exercise? Well, a lot of other job seekers feel this way. When the rest of your competition is taking off for the beach, it’s time for you to capitalize. The crowd applying for positions is thinner in the summer season, which means you can more easily stand out.

Big Projects Ahead
Many companies launch big projects in the fall when everyone is coming back from vacation. While employees are jetting off to far-off locales, hiring managers are looking to staff positions. Getting new hires up and running in the summer ensures that when the big fall project comes along, new employees aren’t still green.

No one wants to worry about training the newbie when an important project is overwhelming everyone’s schedules. Summer can be an ideal time for employers to pick up and train new talent.

Overhaul Your Image
Even if you’re not getting traction on the job hunt this summer, the sunny months can be the perfect time to regroup and reorganize. When is the last time you took a critical look at your job searching strategy? Perhaps you’ve been so busy looking for work you’ve forgotten it often takes more than sending out an endless stream of resumes to find the best positions.

With everyone’s minds on vacation, you can take the opportunity to strategize again. Maybe it’s time to rethink your job hunting tactics altogether? So many new tools are making themselves available to job hunters every day. You might have been so busy on the traditional prowl you’ve let some of the best new methods slip right by. Social media is a great way to connect with the job seeking community and with hiring managers. Bonus: with the easily portable nature of social media you can connect with hiring managers even while on vacation!

How does your resume look? New technology is even changing the traditional paper resume. While a strong resume is still important, there are plenty of ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You could try getting graphic with an infographic resume or show off your communication skills with a well done video resume. Getting your face out there will really give you a jump on your competition. While other job seekers are sitting poolside, you’re showing hiring managers your out of the box thinking and creativity.

Josh Tolan is the CEO of SparkHire.com, which combines a video job board and online interviewing platform to enrich interaction between job seekers and employers. Connect with him and SparkHire.com on Facebook and Twitter.














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